Preface: Earlier this year, our five year olds teacher sat nervously shaking in front of us during a parent-teacher conference. Before she even opened her mouth, I KNEW what she was going to say. Sadly, I have seen this “face” before. It is that of a teacher who has been so beaten down by other parents that she was afraid to talk to us honestly about our child’s progress in class. We both assured her that we would appreciate (and expect) her to be open and honest about ANYTHING that she thought was an issue. Ok now we can begin…

This morning on the way to school, our littlest Princess of five told me that she “loved school now”. We both started smiling and I explained to her how awesome that was and that it was VERY important that she enjoyed it the best she can and kept doing the best she can.

When we got to the classroom, her teacher approached me and asked if I have a few minutes to chat. She went on to say that our daughter was doing much better in class than before and to keep up “all the good work” at home. While we’ve been trying harder on our part to help reinforce letters, numbers, colors, and the spelling of her name at home, I assured her teacher that it was HER hard work and dedication to our child in the classroom that made the most difference.

Then I told her that our daughter told me that she “loves school now” just minutes before we got to the school.

She started to cry. Then I started to cry. And then we hugged. Twice.

She is a great Teacher, because she is a great human. This is how we should be interacting with the teachers in this world. We are on the same team. ?❤️ #ImNotCryingYourCrying #LetsHugItOut